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Old Versions for Test Drive in Australia

Alex & Dean Journey

Welcome to my world of surf, speed, and innovation.

Dean and myself first started working together in 2018 Both of us being Australian and sharing a common goal Dean went about manufacturing jetboards as he had relocated to China The manufacturing capital of the world. Dean wanted to revolutionize the industry bye providing top quality products and a much cheaper sale price than was currently on the market Today we have arrived after many prototypes with a board that rivals any on the market with the latest technology and battery management systems , 3 speeds on the board Full carbon fiber hull and superb handling.
Greetings! I’m a lifelong enthusiast of all things adventurous, from the thrill of riding waves on a surfboard to the freedom of cruising on motorbikes. Let me take you on a journey through my life’s experiences and passions.

Surfing Enthusiast from the Age of 3!
I caught my first wave at the tender age of 3. Surfing quickly became more than a hobby; it’s a way of life for me. The feeling of being at one with the ocean and harnessing its energy is a connection that’s stayed with me throughout my life.

On Two Wheels at Just 6 Years Old!
My fascination with speed and adrenaline didn’t stop at the ocean’s edge. By the age of 6, I was already navigating the world on two wheels, racing around on a motorbike. It was the start of a love affair with the open road and the mechanical symphony of engines.

Innovative Idea: The Motorized Surfboard (1986)!
In 1986, I had an idea that would change the world of water sports forever. It was the inception of the motorized surfboard, a concept that combined my passion for surfing with my love for engines. This visionary idea would go on to revolutionize the way we experience the waves.

Today, I continue to explore the thrill of the surf and the rush of the open road. Join me as I share my adventures, insights, and the story behind the innovation that is the motorized surfboard.

In the dynamic world of water sports, one individual, Alex, emerges as a true pioneer of innovation and adventure. Over the years, Alex has played a pivotal role in the design and development of jetboards, collaborating with four distinguished companies within the industry.

The journey of this visionary led to a significant partnership with Torque, a renowned name in the jetboard industry. For six dedicated years, Alex worked relentlessly, engaging in the demanding process of designing, testing, and developing cutting-edge jetboards.

The collaboration with Torque was transformative. Together, they navigated the intricate landscape of innovation and technology, surmounting formidable obstacles and redefining industry standards. Their journey was marked by excitement, rigorous problem-solving, and countless hours of dedication.

Finally, the moment arrived, the culmination of years of meticulous work and tireless dedication. Alex and the Torque team unveiled their magnum opus—the Version 4 Ripsnorter jetboard. This was a product that transcended expectations, combining unparalleled power, precision, and sophisticated style.

Word of their success resonated throughout the watersports community, captivating enthusiasts from around the globe. The Ripsnorter set a new benchmark in the industry, redefining the experience of jetboarding.


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